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Coreas Hazells Company Profile - What We Do:

What We Do:

Coreas Foods (Distribution and Wholesale)

Coreas Foods & Beverage wholesale is the leading distributor of premium liquors like Johnny Walker and Courvoisier, fine wines, cigarettes, choice cuts of meats, general grocery items and pharmaceuticals etc. We supply to hotels, restaurants, institutions, yachts, cargo and military ships.  In addition, an experienced team of brand managers and sales persons provides quality service to supermarkets, mini marts, shops, wholesalers, vendors and bars.

Coreas Foods (Retail)

Coreas Food Mart serves customers on mainland St. Vincent especially and is a fully operational super-market strategically located next to the bus terminal and opens late for customer convenience. It is fully stocked and carries a wide range of quality products including meats.

Coreas Food Store is the sole supermarket on Mustique and is located next to the dock. It stocks a wide range of quality products: gluten free, gourmet, snacks, chocolates, confectioneries, wines, spirits, cognac, meats, seafood, fresh fruits & vegetables and more.

Coreas Food Xpress is the recent addition to Coreas City Store/Pharmacy. The Xpress is equipped with a deli for snacks and lunches and also carries everything one may  need to fill his/her shopping needs for a week including liquor, a great selection of wines for that special occasion, pet food for both dogs and cats, a range of household items. The Xpress has extended shopping hours for the late evening shoppers

Building Supplies & Home Improvement

The Building Supplies Division of Coreas Hazells Inc., which includes two Ace Hardware stores and two additional stores retailing construction supplies, is the market leader in lumber, cement, steel, paint, tiles, door, windows and building essentials. The Division is fully equipped with a technical support team which advises clients on their various construction projects and makes regular customer visits to the various sites.


The company's insurance agency has been in existence for over seventy five years and offers property, motor, marine and travel insurance. Coreas Insurnace is agent for M & C General Insurance (trading as Goddard General.

Shipping & Tours

In 1988, Corea & Co (1988) Limited was formed to manage the Shipping Agencies of Coreas  Hazells Inc. The agency is accepted as being the most respected shipping and shore excursion operator in St Vincent and the Grenadines, serving 85% of the cruise vessels and 70% of cargo vessels.

The Cargo Division is agent for Geest Line and Tropical Shipping.

Coreas Auto

The Auto Department is the Agent for Nissan Motors and trades in a variety of parts and accessories. They also sell tyres and batteries.

Cosmetics & Pharmaceuticals

Coreas City Store/Pharmacy not only sells OTC and prescribed medications but is also marketed as an ‘occasion’s store’.  The store carries the widest range of cosmetics, personal care items, stationary and everyday essentials.  The store is ideally located in the heart of capital Kingstown at the corner of Halifax and Hillsboro Street, with two accesses in and out of the store.