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Coreas Food Xpress is our latest addition to Coreas City Store, opened in December 2011. It has added to the general convenience of being able to run in from your busy schedule to be able to pick up grocery items and something tasty to eat for breakfast, lunch and snack time.

Coreas Food Xpress carries everything you need to fill your shopping needs for a week including liquor, a great selection of wines for that special occasion, pet food for both dogs and cats and a range of household items.

We stock up daily with an assortment of quality, tasty bread. Our Deli offers both food and snacks including lasagna, shepherds pie, baked wings, salads, fruit bowls, fresh pastries, cakes and cheesecake. There are also special combo meals for school children and adults alike. We sell a wide range of thirst quenching cold drinks, smoothies and hot beverages.

Coreas Food Xpress has extended shopping hours for the late evening shoppers, while opening from 7:30am for our breakfast customers.